About the Company

Mike Zimet Protective Services is the premier security firm specializing in high profile event security and personal protection for diplomatic, entertainment, and corporate clientele in the United States and internationally.

Our operational security models are based on United States Secret Service protocol. Over the last 20 years, we have adapted this highly effective model for use in the private sector.

The team is comprised of highly decorated and accomplished law enforcement, military, corporate, and security professionals. We pride ourselves on having a team of best-in-class operators with extensive and distinguished backgrounds who understand the complexity of personal and large-scale event security protection.

Our security detail is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week

Protective Services

Personal Protection

We specialize in personal protection for the diplomatic, entertainment, and corporate worlds with tactical skills and services tailored to meet the unique needs of every client. Our sensitivity, discretion, and tactical assets have made us the number one security firm with entertainment and Fortune 500 clients looking for comprehensive solutions to complex security and protection scenarios.

Special and Major Event Security

We provide the highest level of access control and crowd management to political events, award shows, major movie premieres, charity functions, and concerts. Site agents work as liaisons to local and federal law enforcement and city officials ensuring a problem free event. We complement our protection with city permitting and all front of house production needs.

We specialize in event and personal protection with tactical skills and services tailored to meet the unique needs of every client.

Diplomatic Protection

Our expertise with personal protection and access to local, state, and federal law enforcement agencies has enabled us to lead and manage the protective details for politicians, political candidates, and diplomatic personnel, including the protection of their families. Prior to being secured by the U.S. Secret Service, our team handled all protection for Democratic presidential candidate, Senator Bernie Sanders.

Houses of Worship

With the threat of terrorism at an all-time high we are working with several houses of worship providing security assessments, inner and outer perimeter protection, routine vehicle checks, bomb detection teams, and magnatometers to discretely screen congregants and guests and ensure their safety.

Secure Guest Check In Services

We provide the most secure technology method for guest check in, eliminating the chance for unwanted people to copy and steal highly confidential guest lists. Our services include supplying check in staff, secure iPad check in, and encrypted software, the same support technology used by the several U.S. government agencies, ensuring discretion, fast guest flow, and a top level of privacy for your event.

Residential Security

We provide security details at high-risk residences where regular patrols closely monitor, screen, and review all security threats. Our residential security and protection consists of dedicated close camera surveillance systems to watch over large perimeters, providing emergency evacuation assessment and action plans for families and residents in case of terrorism, re or intruders, and security teams handpicked by our clients to seamlessly integrate with daily lives.

Technical Security

Our state of the art technical expertise and equipment is an invaluable asset to all of our clients and incudes certified canine bomb detection teams, walk through and hand held metal detectors, portable closed circuit surveillance and camera systems, radio and communication devices, and counter surveillance visual and audio devices specialized to measure, detect, and neutralize audio and visual bugs/cameras for offices and residences.



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